About Us

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Mpower Media is a full service advertising agency that has been empowering local businesses since 1999. Throughout our 10 year history we have specialized in assisting over 3000 companies, both local and national, in creating, developing, and establishing a lasting brand through our comprehensive portfolio of advertising services. All of our services are designed around the ideals of making advertising and marketing cost-effective, engaging, and consistent.

Mpower Media brings value in our ability to:

  • Consult with you on advertising and marketing concepts and strategy.
  • Develop cost-effective national-level creative content for a variety of mediums.
  • Film high-quality 35mm video productions on set and on location.
  • Plan, negotiate and manage cost effective local and national purchases for television, Internet, radio, print, and other alternative traditional and new media platforms.


Mpower Media boasts an award-winning production division that can take any concept directly to reality. Whether we are bringing your vision to audio or three-dimensional and/or two-dimensional video life, our team of graphic designers, copywriters, directors and talent will present the national high quality look and feel that speaks to any demographic.

Media Planning and Purchasing

Mpower Media's consultants and buyers analyze your campaign’s needs and collaborate with you to plan and generate local and national campaigns whether they be on television (cable, satellite and broadcast), radio (local and satellite), Internet, Outdoor advertising (Billboards, Benches, Buses), Movie Theatre, or Print (National and local newspapers, magazines and more) based on your demographic data and target markets and the latest ratings and impressions data from the markets themselves.


The overall effect of the above services whether used singularly or in conjunction with one another is what matters most to all business types...RESULTS. These results come from making advertising and marketing cost-effective, engaging, and consistent. Mpower Media's strategies encompass all of these important variables.


"What difference did your advertising make today?"

Contact Mpower Media today for a free consultation so you can find that element that makes your business stand out among all the others that are just standing still.

Mpower Media is committed to serving local and national businesses with national quality marketing tools at a low cost. In the past 10 years we've empowered thousands of clients in hundreds of markets across the country. Our award-winning line of pre-produced and custom television commercials, print campaigns, and radio ads, give companies the opportunity to advertise like a professional without spending a fortune.