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Mpower Media Aids Recession Crunched Consumers in Producing $500 TV Ready Commercials

TULSA, Okla., Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- From Washington, DC politicians to cable news television pundits around the country, everyone seems to agree that small businesses have suffered the most from the worst recession our country has faced in decades. When the going gets tough, small business owners get creative, illustrated by the large group of them that are taking advantage of the internet to produce and schedule affordable TV ads. The leading provider of such services is Mpower Media, a 10-year-old ad agency that focuses on affordable commercial production and ad buying across all major media platforms.

"Since the recession started to rear its ugly head at our country over a year ago we've seen a considerable uptick in business on both the commercial production side and the ad buying side of our business, for us the recession has helped showcase the value of what we do," explains Mpower Media Founder Joe Mershon.

Mpower Media specializes in helping small businesses get on air by using a variety of cost efficient tools to produce and run commercials on TV networks around the world.

"With the plethora of stock video and still photos available to us from our assortment of industry leading partners we are able to create national TV level ads for a fraction of the cost, and when I say fraction, I mean 95% less than a big ad agency would charge," notes Joe Mershon.

For as little as $500 a small business can have a professional ad created for them by Mpower Media within several days of ordering. The same ad could be on air in as little as a week later.

"Serving so many small businesses has allowed us to build significant leverage with TV networks around the world, so when we buy ads we're able to get our clients the absolute best rates possible, and keep them at those low rates for a long time to come," says Joe Mershon about this company's mission to help businesses keep their advertising costs low.

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